Get in front of the right clients

The toughest thing about being independent is finding quality work opportunities. Sure, there’s lots of companies out there that want access to your talent. Unfortunately, not all of them want to pay for it, or even fully comprehend what it is they’re asking for. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where prospective clients could be reasonably ‘pre-qualified’ before you start talking to them? You’ve just found it!

AdSortium uses industry-standard job titles, project terminology, and other related criteria to qualitatively match freelancers with clients. The system is specifically designed to provide the greatest utility for those users with a pre-existing understanding of the industry. After all, the number of connections you make is ultimately irrelevant if none of them turn into paying, worthwhile projects. Your time is limited. Don’t waste it chasing the wrong clients.

Get in front of the right clients...

  • Search-optimized portfolio page
  • Keyword matching between your work samples and client's need
  • Set auto-notification preferences for posted jobs
    (including job type, budget, and timeline)
  • Equal opportunity… No subscriber can 'buy' or 'sponsor' a top position
  • Optional escrow payment system available

Visit our Subscriber FAQ Page for more information.

Key Account Benefits
Online-portfolio page
w/Custom URL*
Business write-off*
NO middleman
NO bid fees
NO connection fees
NO commissions
*With upgraded account.
After creating your free account, you may upgrade it if desired based on the varying needs and positioning of your portfolio of work. All account levels include an industry-focused, search optimized online portfolio page for prospective clients to search through as well as unlimited access to all jobs posted in the AdSortium system. Descriptive keywords can be added to every portfolio sample you upload. Upgraded accounts allow the creation of a custom destination URL for direct access to your portfolio page that can be included on social media sites, business cards, and in other collateral materials.