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One of the most frustrating and difficult challenges advertising agencies and marketing departments face is finding quality, freelance talent to contract with for creative work. You are constantly asking yourself questions like,

  • Can the freelancer really do the things they say they can?
  • Do they have enough experience to successfully complete a project like mine?
  • How much hand-holding will be required in this relationship?
  • Will they get the work done on time?

Most of these concerns can be addressed through a review of their portfolio, following up with a few past clients, and a conversation with the freelancer.

Through the AdSortium community of freelance professionals, you can search profiles to find individuals that have the specific job skills and areas of expertise that best match your project’s needs. You have the ability to search for freelancers within a project’s general service category (i.e. Collateral Material), an area of skill within that category (i.e. Brochure), and an area of expertise within that skill (i.e. Four-Color Design). You can further narrow your results by adding keywords for things like the design style (i.e. Clean, Edgy, Organic, etc.), the client industry the work is associated with (i.e. Auto, Manufacturing, Health & Beauty, etc.), the geographic location of the freelancer, any professional associations the freelancer is affiliated with, and many other standard terms. The more specific you are about the needs you have, the better the list of potential connections you'll receive!

With AdSortium, you will...

  • Save time identifying talent
  • Get higher quality search results that better match your project's needs
  • Be able to review portfolio work samples for proof of capability
  • Have private chat and project messaging capabilities
  • Post job opportunities
  • Have access to an optional escrow payment system

Visit our Client FAQ Page for more information.

Client Account Benefits
Full profile views
Off-site link access
‘Favorite’ list creation
NO middleman
NO job posting fees
NO connection Fees
NO commissions