Client FAQ

How will using AdSortium benefit me?

AdSortium is dedicated to helping you connect with the quality sources of talent you’re looking for.  We've built a customized search platform that provides you the ability to increasingly target your needs to the abilities of our subscribers.  You can search for work samples posted by individual subscribers that meet your job requirements through standard keyword terms indicating style, genre, and type (print, video, outdoor, etc.) to quickly identify professionals that are already reasonably qualified to handle your work.  This helps to manage expectations on both sides.  Additional keywords can further narrow the search results.

You can offer jobs directly to the subscribers you've found in a search, or post your available, contract jobs in a general bulletin board where subscribers can offer their services for completion of the work.  All projects posted to the job board must use a standardized, creative brief template.  This helps solidify what it is you need AND provides faster and more accurate portfolio matches with "pre-qualified" contractors.

How does the AdSortium portfolio search work?

Let's say you need a brochure created.  You might search online for a graphic designer and identify hundreds, even thousands, of individuals that claim the ability to design 'stuff.'  Your results would also be cluttered with miscellaneous pages of information that had no bearing on your immediate need.

Using AdSortium's highly structured and industry-standardized database, you can target your search to find exactly the talent, skills, and expertise you're looking for.  For example, you could perform a generic search for all portfolios of "Graphic Artist / Design" subscribers offering their services for 'COLLATERAL MATERIAL.'  You can narrow the results by viewing only those with exhibited skill in 'Brochure' design.  And, you can truly target the results by further specifying an area of expertise, such as 'Less than four colors.'  Additional keywords can be applied for creative style, the industry/market the work is aimed at, professional affiliation, etc.

What rules are in place to reasonably ensure that the talent I'm searching for can really do the work they say they can?

Subscribers are limited in the number of skills and expertise they can claim.  This means that they will most likely choose to offer only those talents that they are best at.  Additionally, contractors must include in their portfolio at least one real-world work example for every service category they're listed in, three work examples for every skill they claim, and at least five examples for every area of expertise.  This (1) shows that they really can do the work you're needing and (2) provides a realistic preview of their quality of work and creative style.

What is a 'Creative Brief?'

A creative brief is a document that contains an explanation of the job to be done.  It includes varying information, but almost always indicates the job type, budget, deadline, purpose for the work, the audience / demographic the work is aimed at, the audience response the client desires out of the work, and any method of tracking or evaluation of success that will be applied to the completed work.  Additional information is also generally included that is specific to the job type.

I would like to post a job on AdSortium.  Why do I have to complete the 'Creative Brief' form?

All projects posted to the job board must use a standardized, creative brief template.  This helps solidify what it is you need AND provides faster and more accurate portfolio matches with "pre-qualified" contractors.

Can I work directly with the talent I find on

Absolutely!  The purpose of the AdSortium website is to support freelancers / independent contractors in their quest to find quality work opportunities.  AdSortium does not 'own' the business relationships you create through it's site and imposes no 'non-compete' or 'buy-out' requirements like other sites do.

How does the escrow payment system work?

AdSortium offers an optional escrow service to manage payment for the work performed (if a payment process is needed).  After agreeing upon a rate and payment terms for the work (including incremental payments according to benchmark completions), you would deposit the total project amount into the escrow account.  As the contractor fulfills the agreement, you would 'accept' their performance and payment from the escrow would be released to the subscriber.  Under this arrangement, the contractor has a reasonable assurance of getting paid for their efforts, and you have a method for reasonably assuring contractor performance.