Mission Statement:

The purpose of this company is to support independent advertising and marketing service professionals (“subscribers”) by facilitating their connection with prospective clients (“customers”) and establishing a user-friendly method of doing business for both parties.



• To create a measurable and lasting improvement in the financial and personal outlook of the independent marketing and advertising professional.

• To become the official” business exchange system for agency and marketing vendor business transactions.

• To provide endowed scholarships or grant opportunities through industry affiliated organizations that share similar values.

• To grow and evolve with the industry while providing a ‘voice’ for the independent marketing or advertising professional.



Fairness – This site was created to support the ‘little guy’ – the independent professional and his or her need to make a living.  This site will seek at all times to offer a level playing field within each subscription area – wherein each user has an equal shot at landing a posted job, based on the merits of the work as presented in the user’s portfolio, and how that sample work matches with the client’s needs. At no time will a subscriber be able to ‘buy’ a top listing or dominate a search query result.

Opportunity – Many qualified and experienced professionals are limited in their ability to successfully connect with prospective clients.  This site will seek to enable talented people to create connections with customers seeking their specialized talents.

Professional Growth – In order to remain competitive, individuals must always seek to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and gain experience in new areas.  This online community site will actively seek out opportunities for subscriber improvement.

Quality of Life – One of the most difficult challenges a worker faces today is the work – life balance.  In order to maintain a livelihood, many independent workers are forced to relocate or endure extensive travel away from their families and/or residence in the pursuit of household income – and often without any of the benefits that may have been enjoyed through full-time employment.  This site intends to leverage available and emerging technology to create a ‘virtual office’ that encourages and supports the ability of its subscribers to stay in one place and remove the everyday concerns of these industry professionals.